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Oct 18th 2014

Hi everyone,

 Peter Manuel would like to thank you all who attended “Our Night For We The People” with our very special guest Lord Christopher Monckton, another successful night for Flag.

 Lord Monckton warned us about World Heritage for the Mt Lofty Ranges, it is just another form of control.

 He also spoke about climate change and the fact there has been no global warming in 18 years and there is science to back this up, these climate change meetings that are happening around the world is aimed at another way of controlling the population.

 He stressed how important it is for you all to support Peter and Flags stance against NRM and how the NRM Act of 2004 is destroying Dad and Mum Farmers ability to grow clean healthy food for our population.

 He made it very clear that both the Liberal and Labor Parties are not looking after Food Producers and was very concerned in regards to the “Right To Take Water Levy” whether we use it or not, Flag has mentioned this many times that this levy is criminal.

 Lord Monckton also spoke about these treaties our Government is and has signed with the UN must have a get out clause so if in the future they are not what we the Australian people want we can opted out.

 After Lord Monckton’s presentation the floor was opened for Q and A for 2 hours and Lord Monckton satisfied the audience with his articulate answers.

 When Lord Christopher Monckton come to Australia on this world tour one of the first people he wanted to speak to and help was Peter Manuel and Flag Australia Inc. as he feels Flag is doing Australia a great service in their quest to help all farming families.

 Peter has formed a great friendship with Lord Monckton and has the upmost respect for him and his ideals.

Louise Wittkop


Flag Australia Inc..



Peter Manuel


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FLAG Australia Incorporated would like to thank and congratulate The Liberal Party, Senator Bob Day, and The Democratic Labor Party John Madigan and Ricky Muir Australia Motor Enthusiast Party for voting for the repeal of the Carbon Tax. Farmers have been hit hard with this ridiculous Tax as have all Australians, maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel for Australia. We now need to nip environmentalism in the bud so we can actually farm and have access to the water that falls freely from the sky so we can grow our critical need FOOD. Carbon pricing is a load of rot and is just a huge money spinner for the UN, $228 Billion was spent on emissions trading schemes in Europe in 2012 and did nothing to reduce green house emissions. Lets hope Labor does not gain office again so this toxic Tax is never returned.


Regards Peter Manuel






Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said he will not support the creation of anymore National Parks. This is a great decision. There are too many National Parks in Australia already, stations that have been bought up with tax payers money, sheep and cattle removed, so more of our food chain is being reduced and we keep hearing there is going to be a world shortage of food because our population is growing. Yes we certainly are going to have a shortage of food, because of ridiculous stipulations being forced upon food produces because the National Resource Management (NRM) Act 2004 and Native Vegetation Act also Water Allocation Plan in the Eastern Mt Lofty Ranges and the Angus Bremer catchment. With a flick of a pen Ian Hunter, Minister for water and conservation has just denied a basic human right to have any more dams put in this catchment, this has now made our freehold properties less viable and devalued our properties dramatically. “Mr Hunter where is our compensation for taking away our right to grow clean healthy food products for the people of Australia and export market, also are the Council now going to reduce our rates because without water land is rendered useless”. Labour and Greens are making it very difficult for us food produces to grow food with excessive red and green tape. We need big change.




FLAG Australia INC.

Peter Manuel  

March  9th 2014 





"A Night for We the People"

At the Old Mill Hahndorf 21st February, was a great success. Thanks to all that came to voice their concerns and ask questions publicly and get their questions answered publicly without discrimination is the way politicians should be prepared to do. After all they are our public servants and we the people deserve a hell of a lot better treatment than what we are getting at the moment.
Jenny Bells' introduction was much appreciated and very professional. Jenny has fought long and hard for our veterans and now is working very closely with FLAG Australia Inc. to protect the right to grow a clean healthy food product for this country and export market. Soldiers are our security, FLAG Australia Inc is about food security, we work hand in hand. Thanks a million Jenny Bell!
What a flawless presentation by our special guest Professor David Flint. Who co-authored the book "Give Us Back Our Country". This book should be in every school in Australia. Also every home library. The feedback from people who were there on the night, was that it was an excellent presentation and they said that they could've listened to David all night. Thanks David for accepting FLAGs invitation, you are a true Australian who really cares. All the best from the board of FLAG Australia.
Also a big thanks to Matt Galliver who wrote the song "The FLAG Australia Way". He did an outstanding job with his performance and the consensus was that he helped make the night a great success. Matt you are a real talent, thanks heaps for your contribution on our night for "We The People". The board of FLAG much appreciated your effort.
Pauline Hanson drove thousands of kilometres to be a part of the event. She is becoming very well loved by the people of SA that meet Pauline personally. It was great to have her with us again as well as her sister Judy and her husband Greg, and Pauline's partner Tony. Thanks for being a member and supporter of FLAG Pauline hope we see you bob up in politics again, we need people like you. All the best from the board of FLAG Australia.
Jacqui Lambie, Senate elect for Palmer United in Tasmania, we thank you for coming Jacqui and presenting a seven minute video of a soldier who was injured and needed real help and support. People like you are very rare and true blue. FLAG Australia support you 100% in your fight for our soldiers and veterans, you are another Pauline Hanson and Ann Bressington, a person who can't be bought. Good on you mate. FLAG Australia wishes you well.
Full credit to the Hon. Rob Brokenshire for coming along and answering questions without hesitation. People on the night were most impressed with the way you came across.
Also James McDonald - Palmer United, Paul Kuhn - FREE Australia Party, Mark Aldridge - Australia Alliance, Bob Couch - Stop Population Growth, Tony Mussolino - Katter Australia Party, Steve Davis - Independent. All can be congratulated for having the guts to come and front the people. FLAG Australia thank you all.
A big thanks to Craig Fromm, Manager of the Old Mill, for putting on a great spread and venue. I urge any group or organisation to support this venue, it's a top spot. Thanks Craig and your staff for a job well done.
Not forgetting FiveAA talkback host Andrew Reimer and his producer Liz McCaskill. Andrew is on talkback radio on Sunday night's from 7pm till 12am on 1395 on your radio dial. Give Andrew and Liz a call, 8223 0000. Andrew would love to speak to you on air about any issue. The board of FLAG would like to say a big thanks to Andrew and Liz, also FiveAA for letting us have a voice on radio. Thanks for coming all the best from the board of FLAG Australia.
To Janet and Don Jones, the owners of Southern Argus newspaper, thanks for coming and reporting how you felt the night for We The People went. We are so lucky to have people like you reporting a balanced view. Thankyou from the board of FLAG Australia.
Paul Bovolos, you are a genius mate. Paul does all our filming and photography and looks after our website. We can't thank you enough Paul, you are very special to us. Thanks from the board of FLAG Australia.
It was great to see Paul Keily from National Aboriginal Solutions, Ex Director Trevor Hedland and Todd Hutchinson at our event. FLAG Australia are working very closely with National Aboriginal Solutions (N.A.S.) and look forward to a big year in getting some balance and common sense in running our freehold properties. Thanks N.A.S. for your support.
United Stock Owners Southern Director, John Michelmore, came along to support the night. FLAG work very closely with John with many property right issues. Thanks again John for your support.
NO THANKS to the labor government, liberals, greens and xenophon group who have obviously disconnected themselves from everyday South Australians.
I would like to thank my board for all their help and support but mainly their genuine friendship. Also my wife and family for their support. Without you all I could not do what I do.
My sincere thanks to all,
Founder ,
FLAG Australia INC.
Peter Manuel

23rd of December 2013

“A note from Peter Manuel”

FLAG Australia Incorporated

First and foremost I would like to thank the board of FLAG Australia for their ongoing support and hard work that they have done throughout the past year, also our subscribers for their support, and not forgetting the people who have donated to our fighting fund.  It is very much appreciated when times are so tough these days.

Positive Results 2013
Being an active voice can make a difference!

FLAG’S continual lobbying on radio, in newsprint and public meetings e.g. politics in the pub, has helped to stop some of the draconian laws this Labour Government wanted to put in place, and increases in fines which is totally out of control.  For example:

    1.    N.R.M. Officers coming onto our private properties without a warrant.  Communism at its best.  ‘STOPPED’

    2.    This Labour Government wanted to take away our right to remain silent.  In other words we could not engage a lawyer, when asked a range of questions on a range of issues.  ‘STOPPED’

    3.    Section 127 6A The non-complying fine for an individual is $35,000.  Good old Labour wanted to make it $700,000.  ‘STOPPED’ Also Section 127 6A The non-complying fine for a family company is $70,000.  Good old Labour wanted to make it $2.2 million.  What an absolute disgrace the Australian Labour Party is.  That was also ‘STOPPED’

    4.    Low-flow by-passes and meters on larger dams could have been stopped but the Liberal Government sided with Labour, and now thanks to the Liberal Party we food producers are being put under enormous pressure because we haven’t got the money to put these devices on our properties.  And why would we?  It’s only going to impede on us growing food.  “Thanks for nothing Liberals”

    5.    FLAG has helped out many farmers to get the water allocation they need to run a viable food production business.

    6.    A big thanks to the Honourable Ann Bressington for all her help and support.  Ann put up her own money; with Flag Australia, to get a dam accurately measured because a farmer didn’t have the money to conduct this costly exercise.  Flag proved the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources ‘WRONG’.  They over estimated this dam by 1 million gallons.  How many more dams have the DEWNR over estimated?  Another stuff up.

    7.    Guess what?  A food producer rang me saying that DEWNR estimated his dam at 6.2 mega litres.  After looking at his dam and doing the calculations our result came in at 4.2 mega litres.  After consulting with the DEWNR Officers they made the adjustment to 4.8 mega litres, hence no licence was needed.  Another stuff up DEWNR.  How many more are out there which are destroying our ability to grow our critically needed food?

    8.    I was contacted recently by the Chief Executive Officer from National Aboriginal Solutions Paul Keily who wanted to meet up and have a chat.  Flag has met twice now with Paul,Trevor Headland and Todd Hutchinson.  I’m very pleased with the discussions we have had.  FLAG and NAS have got a great deal in common.

Working, talking and walking together are the key objectives for both organisations.  We both agree that fencing off dams and creeks is a ridiculous idea, we want both native animals and our stock to drink freely from both sources of water and low-flow by-passes banned.  Why?   Less water for our stock and native animals to survive, less water to protect our lives and properties.  They will destroy our eco systems.  Also bird life will be threatened by foxes and wild dogs or straying domestic dogs and cats.  If DEWNR goes ahead with this rubbish they’re not about protecting native animals or protecting eco systems.

Meters on dams are a definite no no.  WHY?  Rain falls freely from the sky.  We have already paid for the water when we purchased our land.  And then we have to build the infrastructure, dams, bores and rain water tanks.  DEWNR are destroying our food bowl with this draconian rot.  Back off DEWNR we are supplying a critical need – food.

FLAG and NAS agree on live cattle export to countries who treat animals humanely so the people are not deprived on the protein they so desperately need in their diet.

    9.    We need integration not segregation.   We are all Australians and must work together as one.  Nobody is any better than the next.

FLAG look forward to working very closely with Paul, Trevor and Todd from National Aboriginal Solutions and traditional elders to restore common sense and balance so we can grow a clean, healthy food product for this country and export market.  After all, agriculture is our biggest money earner, ($155 billion a year into our economy).  Why bite the hand that feeds us?  Not discounting the security growing our own food gives us.

FLAG are also working together with John Michelemore, Southern Director of United Stock Owners Australia.  It is great to have an organisation like USOA who have the same concerns as FLAG Australia.  Thanks John for your support and integrity, people like you are very important in the fight to maintain our right to grow food on our freehold properties.


The Lord Monckton South Australian tour in February 2013 was a great success.  What an experience to have spent 10 days with a man of such humbleness and integrity as Lord Christopher Monckton. FLAG Australia and the Honourable Ann Bressington co-funded the SA tour.  It was great to introduce Lord Monckton to a number of farmers who are experiencing the draconian laws of the National Resource Management Board, which is making it so difficult to run our freehold properties.  We are not growing illicit drugs, just trying to supply food for this great nation and export market.  Lord Monckton’s presentation at the Adelaide Convention Centre in regards to the global warming scam and Agenda 21 was nothing short of brilliant.  This man is not a conspiracy theorist; he has the true facts and data to prove it.

It was an honour and a privilege to have Lord Monckton stay at our home and get to know him.  Keep up the fight Lord Monckton you have a large support base in Australia.  All the best for the future.

Another highlight was “A Night with Pauline Hanson at the Old Mill in Hahndorf, South Australia.  It was late August, 2 weeks before the Federal Election when I phoned Pauline.  The date for the Federal Election had not been set but Pauline still took time out of her very busy campaigning schedule to come and speak in support of farmers in regards to the Natural Resource Management issues that are virtually closing down us food producers.  Pauline also spoke about the privatisation of our water and the restrictions that are being forced upon us.  Agenda 21 was a hot topic and very unnerving with what this agenda is all about for the 21st century e.g. ‘sustainable development’ and the UN’s agenda to control and restrict our daily life, including our private property, individual rights and civil liberties.  We all need to be aware of the agenda of the 21st century.  It is very scary and must be stopped.

Pauline Hanson is not a racist, or a conspiracy theorist.  She’s a gutsy woman who cares about all Australians and Australia.  FLAG Australia wishes Pauline all the best for the future.

FLAG Australia would also like to thank Paul Bovolos for his great camera work, and giving up his precious time to do our website.  You’re a true friend Paul. Thank you.

 Finally, FLAG Australia Incorporated would like to wish all Australians a safe and Happy Christmas and a healthy new year.

Flag Australia Inc. organised a night to remember
Friday August 30th Old Mill Hahndorf SA
A night with Pauline Hanson

What an absolute privilege to be on stage with Pauline and hear her speak from the heart about Agenda 21 and the privatisation of our water and the restrictions that are being forced upon us farmers by the environmental movement which make it so difficult to supply this great country with a clean healthy food product.

Pauline came to South Australia after a phone call I made to her a few weeks ago in regards to Natural Resource Management issues that control the way we run our freehold land and the uphill battle we have to grow food.  Pauline did not hesitate and took time out from her very busy campaigning schedule to come and speak and answer any questions thrown at her.

In the short time I had with Pauline it was very obvious that most that has been written about her over the years in regards to being a conspiracy theorist and racist is absolute rubbish.  She is far from a racist, highly intelligent and what you see is what you get.  She certainly wouldn’t do any dirty deals behind closed doors if she was fortunate enough to be elected into Parliament.

People like Pauline are badly needed in politics.  We have far too many career politicians that are just there for their own interests.  Pauline is about putting Australia and the people of this great country first.  Thanks Pauline for helping to make the night a great success with over 300 people in attendance.  Pauline paid her own airfare and did not take a fee for coming.  You’re a true Australian with a big heart Pauline.  We wish you all the best in the upcoming election.

The feedback on the night is all very positive.  Thanks again.

Flag Australia also gave the minor party candidates and independents a chance to speak:

The Honourable Anne Bressington MLC
James McDonald – Palmer United Party
Glen O’Rouke – Katter Australia Party
Steven Davies – Country Alliance Party
Trevor Grace – Australian Christian Party
Mark Aldridge – Independent
Leon Ashby – Climate Sceptics
The Honourable Robert Brokenshire – Family First

This is what true democracy is all about and freedom of speech.  Unfortunately no Liberal, Labor or Greens showed up.  Sad state of affairs.

Also a big thanks to Professor David Flint who co-authored the book ‘Give us back our Country’.  His presentation was excellent, his book is a must read.  His website is www.cando.org.au.

Yours sincerely, 

Flag Australia Inc.
Peter Manuel